We believe in accessible, affordable, and safe housing for all military families. 

Utilize this website to help you and your family transition into your new home. 

HEAT allows Service Members to get information about on and off base family housing and to begin the process of applying for Military Family Housing and Privatized Family Housing.

The Department of Defense is fully committed to ensuring that Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) housing projects provide our nation’s most valued resource—its military members and their families—safe, quality, and well-maintained housing where our members and their families want and choose to live.

Use this Military OneSource search portal to find the housing program or housing office at your next installation. 

The Department of Defense is committed to helping service members, their families and anyone moving with the military get organized and master their move. Use this resource to access the information, support, and assistance you need – from understanding PCS orders and entitlements, to shipping household goods, moving with pets, filing a claim, learning about your new duty station, and more.

Plan My Move creates a custom checklist for your move, filled with information about the tasks you need to complete and how to complete them. Your checklist is tailored to the unique needs that you or your family have.