We all have a story, and our stories are what make us special. Our stories are unique to us, but connect us to others as well. When we share our stories, we share a piece of ourselves, in the hope that it will touch someone and make a difference in their lives. We would love to hear your story to share with other military families.

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I was 26 years old when my husband enlisted. We were already married for 2 years and together for 4 when he left for boot camp. We were completely established with our own home, careers and civilian life when we decided together that him joining the Air Force was the best move for us and our future family. He has now been in for 13.5 years and we have enjoyed the adventure. It was challenging at first since most spouses with husbands at his rank were 5-7 years younger than us, and just starting out in life, we still made the best of it. My biggest advice is to get involved with your spouses squadron. After much hesitation, we finally went and little did I know this one decision would change my life for the better. I met the most incredible people and to this day, even with us living all over the country, we still keep in touch regularly.

Nichole D., Air Force Spouse, Langley AFB