Quality of Life (QoL) issues are directly tied to military family readiness, resilience, and retention of the force, which in turn, impacts mission execution. Five & Thrive aims to improve the QoL challenges in five focus areas (Childcare, Education, Healthcare, Housing, Spouse Employment) by highlighting preventative measures, promoting best practices, fostering community partnerships, and encouraging Department of the Air Force (DAF) families to thrive.

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Spouse of the 22nd Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Mrs. Brown has accompanied her husband on 20 assignments around the globe. Raised in a military family, she is an avid supporter of Active Duty, Air National Guard, and Air Reserve Airmen and their families. She understands the valuable contributions of a military spouse to the Air Force. Her focus is to bring awareness to the quality of life challenges that impact military families, particularly in the areas of Childcare, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Spouse Employment.


Visit this page to learn more about specific DoD resources in Childcare, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Spouse Employment.

This resource is an educational and inspirational guide for today's Air and Space Force spouses. It is designed in three sections to teach spouses how to build a strong network, understand the resources available to them, and provide a firm foundation of support as spouses navigate their milspouse journey.


Check out the latest CSAF Spouse SITREP (Situation Report), designed to communicate and share information with military spouses as well as leadership. The SITREP highlights resources and latest information in Childcare, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Spouse Employment. These monthly reports also focus on identifying action and policy changes made at the headquarters level to bring awareness to our military families.


The Community Solutions page was created with installation leaders in mind to share creative solutions for Childcare, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Spouse Employment at the local level. Here you will find best practices implemented at military installations through community partnerships, often using unique funding through agreements with local community leaders. The purpose of this page is to share creative community partnership solutions that can be replicated at other installations where appropriate.


Visit this page to hear from incredible spouses about how the Air Force community has positively influenced them and feel free to submit your own story!