You can make a difference in the lives of those who serve our nation! 

Your contribution supports a grassroots movement; a movement that stands at the forefront of improving the quality of life of military families across all services. It fuels our mission to educate leaders, communities, and families on military life challenges, particularly in the areas of Childcare, Education Healthcare, Housing, and Spouse Employment. These 5 areas can make or break any family, but especially a military family, who face countless challenges beyond everyday life. Your generosity will help to ensure a thriving future for members of our military community but will also ensure our nation’s security through the recruitment, readiness, resilience, and retention of our armed forces.

Five & Thrive is inviting YOU, a visionary supporter, to join us in our mission to create a secure and resilient nation. You will become an essential part of our mission, influencing positive change in the critical areas of quality of life for military families. Your support is crucial to the mission of Five & Thrive!

Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsor the National Defense University Foundation. See the Five & Thrive sponsor sheet and the NDUF McNair Factsheet for Sponsor Benefits. For more information on becoming a Five & Thrive sponsor, please contact us at