How do I submit a cover photo for the Thrive Guide?

You can submit a cover photo for the Thrive Guide by emailing the Thrive Team at or through the link on the Thrive Guide Page of your particular branch.

I can't use Google Drive, where else can I access the Thrive Guide?

You can find the Thrive Guide: Department of the Air Force Edition on and the AF Connect App. We are currently working on creating a Thrive Guide for each of the other branches, as well as Guard, and Reserve families. 

As we build Five & Thrive, we hope to provide a more robust website that will allow everyone to access our resources without needing access to Google Drive.

How is Five & Thrive different from MilOne Source?

Five & Thrive distinguishes itself from Military OneSource by taking a comprehensive approach to amplifying resources available to the military community.  Five & Thrive goes beyond the DoD by incorporating resources from various sources, including Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), Military Service Organizations (MSOs), and other organizations, instead of focusing solely on service-specific resources and those provided by the Department of Defense (DoD).

Additionally, Five & Thrive focuses on empowerment through training and equipping military leaders, community partners, and military-connected spouses with the tools and resources they need to address the top five quality-of-life issues at the local level. This approach ensures that the military community has access to a diverse range of support options tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. Through partnerships, Five & Thrive seeks to enhance the well-being of military personnel and their families.