Gloria I., Air National Guard Spouse

There is a perception that military members (and by extension their families) in the National Guard are only familiar with participating one weekend a month and two weeks a year. In many cases, nothing could be further from the truth. My husband has been away from home on Title 10 active duty orders for months at a time each year- for years. Many of my active duty spouse friends have been amazed that my husband has been away from home significantly more than their active duty spouses It is only in these later years that I have been able to sporadically but semi-regularly go see him.  What has helped throughout the years and what I advise other spouses to do, is to develop connections within the guard unit and also develop connections where possible within the active duty sites. For example, I have friends within the home station unit and contact people while their member is TDY/deployed and I also volunteer as the POC for the deployed spouse group at the active duty base overseas. I have found that the friendships I have developed and the volunteer connections I have made on an overseas base(s) have helped me feel connected to my husband even when we are not together and have been my saving grace when I can be with him as I am already known to people and they to me. This helps me because either place “feels” like coming home.

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