Julie Moser, Army Spouse

Julie Moser is an Army Wife and mother of two beautiful girls. She is a breast cancer survivor, co-founder of Pink Warrior Angels, and an advocate for helping those through their breast cancer journey. As a military family, Julie and her family have endured numerous changes and learned to be flexible with multiple deployments and relocations every three years. However, they were never prepared for the day when Julie was told the dreaded words, "You have cancer."

October 3rd, 2013, is a day that changed so much for Julie and her family. After two years of undergoing a combination of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, a total hysterectomy, and experiencing multiple complications, she found herself feeling alone and frightened. Julie turned to social media in search of others who were on a similar journey. She discovered many young breast cancer survivors who felt isolated, and together, they formed an indescribable bond.  She knew there had to be a better way to support survivors through their journey and ensure they never felt alone.

Julie is  passionate about empowering women to be their own advocates during treatment, to be resilient, beautiful, brave, and to shine. Through the program, they have touched the lives of many women who appreciate even the smallest gestures. They have worked on local projects that raise awareness and provide support, including care packages, the angel/warrior program, lawn care, house cleaning services, and assistance with bills that can accumulate when individuals have to reduce their work hours or stop working altogether.

Julie recognizes that as women, they often take on so much and help others, sometimes forgetting to ask for help themselves. She emphasizes the importance of being one's own advocate when it comes to medical tests and seeking a second opinion if something doesn't feel right. 

In December 2020, Julie and her mom, Sun Scanlan, were fighting breast cancer again.  After losing her mom in February 2022, Julie continues to be dedicated to advocating for metastatic breast cancer awareness and helping others affected by cancer.

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