Kacey G., Air Force Spouse

Air Force spouse, Kacey, is humble and kind. Always looking to help others, never striving to highlight herself. Her story is like so many other milspouse stories; full of love, service, strength, flexibility, and resilience. Infinitely worth highlighting. 

She met her husband in 2001 in a small town in Iowa during an ice storm. He wanted her number, but she refused to give it to him, so he gave her his instead. A few days later she decided to call him, and they have been together ever since.  She officially began her milspouse journey in 2004. Using her new husband’s GI Bill, Kacey completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management in 2.5 years, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She learned the value of family resources through the support of the AF Education Center. Like many milspouses, Kacey has struggled with employment, leaving multiple jobs and unable to progress, not because of her abilities but because of the needs of the Air Force. Rather than giving in to discouragement, Kacey continued to grind while choosing to support her milspouse community. 

Becoming a subject matter expert in milspouse life, Kacey volunteered to lead MTI Orientation and BMT New Spouse Orientation as the BMT Key Spouse Mentor. Through this role, she served thousands of military families, helping the newest spouses in the AF understand their resources and how to build a community of support. Her efforts were noticed and she was awarded as the MTI Spouse of the Year. She was also coined by the Group Commander, which she is especially proud of because even her husband hadn't received that coin.  

Though her journey has sometimes been challenging, Kacey isn’t ready to hang up her milspouse hat yet. She believes that the community of other military families makes it all worthwhile. She can see a life at the end of this journey where she and her husband have a farm in Iowa, with a pumpkin patch, goats and AirBnB where she can continue to put a smile on other faces. Until then, she plans to keep thriving and working to support her fellow military spouse. 

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