Krista L.,  Air Force Spouse

Military Spouses always get asked, “what is the best experience you have had as a spouse?” It’s kind of funny that it’s always a question asked of panel members. I am going to be super-duper cliché at this moment. The best thing about this life truly has been the people.

As someone from a small town, the places we have been set me on a path to meet people, make friends and have life-long relationships with individuals I would have never met. Each person in my circle I truly believe was there in that season of time for a specific reason and I value that friendship. Whether it’s a supervisor from Oklahoma, a family from Germany that allowed me to be a 2nd mom to their kids, or a group of amazing women from the vineyards of Italy, each place has left a mark on my heart because of the people I was blessed to be surrounded by. The second most cliché thing, every single location has something amazing to offer you just need to make sure you are finding the positive and being the light. Sometimes it’s hard to see it while you are in it, but I can guarantee there is always something fabulous where you are. You just have to seek it out.

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