Louise Valentine, Army Spouse

Louise Valentine is the founder of Breaking Through Wellness, an exercise physiologist, women’s integrative health practitioner, strength coach, best-selling author, competitive amateur runner and Army spouse. Throughout her 20-year career she has become a leading expert across industries, including being named the American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2023, top small business of 2022, top 10 performance coach 2021 and the #1 Certified Health Education Specialist in the U.S. 2020. 

Louise secured her dream job prior to graduating undergrad, working on NFL sports med teams and providing holistic health, wellness and fitness coaching services throughout Cleveland, OH. However, when she married active duty Army officer Zachary Valentine in 2010 her life quickly pivoted to learning how to maximize the art of recreating her small business and herself throughout 12 Army relocations. 

Louise is a fierce military spouse, demonstrating how powerful continuing to pursue your dreams can be despite tremendous military life and health obstacles. Louise went on to earn a Masters in Public Health, complete practicums and research fellowships. She published research and contributed to improving the health, fitness and resilience of our U.S. Forces and military families with the U.S. Army Public Health Center, all while continuing to coach dedicated fitness lovers, athletes and runners throughout the world. 

When faced with her own devastating diagnosis, hormonal health and fitness challenges, Louise was grateful to have the knowledge to turn her breakdowns into breakthroughs! She again pivoted her career to start Breaking Through Wellness, where she educates and empowers everyday women fitness lovers and runners to ditch hormone havoc, maximize fitness, fat loss and running strong through perimenopause with science and simplicity. 

While Louise is now a sought after wellness speaker, science advisor for running magazines and fitness expert for media outlets, she stays true to her mission of providing comprehensive one-on-one coaching support, education and a community for everyday women who want to feel, look or run their best.  Louise's outstanding client results and ability to simplify cutting-edge female-specific science is leading the way, demonstrating that anything is possible when you consistently take one small step in front of the other and confidently believe that when you know simple ways to work with your body, you too can thrive in your health, fitness and performance. 

Learn with Louise via her Maximizing Fitness, Fat Loss and Running Through Perimenopause podcast and explore her free resources, events and industry-leading coaching program at

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