Lyndsey Akers, Air Force Spouse

"Go out. Do good. And be kind." That is not only her quote, but that is exactly what military spouse Lyndsey Akers does each day.

Go out: An Air Force spouse since 2012, Lyndsey has over a decade of military life experience–and one that began as so many do: a military move shortly following “I do.”  Yet Lyndsey embraced all that duty assignment offered, which included graduate school, working on Capitol Hill, and making one-of-a-kind memories and treasured new friends.  Though time has passed, that duty station and her job title have both changed, and two adorable kiddos have been added to the fun, one will still find Lyndsey doing the same, going out into the community and embracing all a duty station has to offer.

Do good: As a military spouse, mom, and entrepreneur, there is certainly no shortage of good work to be done, but Lyndsey still–somehow–does more. Lyndsey left the corporate world in 2021 to launch a public relations agency that amplifies the stories and impact of military spouses and veteran business owners. She is a passionate quality of life advocate, especially as it pertains to military spouse unemployment. Lyndsey remains committed and determined to help the military community navigate this challenge.  In addition, most recently, Lyndsey began serving as the Chair for the Air and Space Forces Association’s United Forces and Families “F2” Task Force. The mission of AFA’s Task Force is to unite forces and families, strengthening the quality of life for our Air and Space Force communities because, as we know, strong families build stronger forces.  Lyndsey is leading the way and continuing to do good.

And be kind: Because we all need more kindness, and how we treat others matters.  And Lyndsey exemplifies exactly this. To know her is to have an instant and genuine friend.  Thoughtful and intentional, no matter where she is, what she is doing, Lyndsey is kind—and is inviting us all to do the same.

Thus, grateful for Lyndsey’s example and for her service as a military spouse too, may we also “go out, do good, and be kind!”

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