Mattrice Williamson, Marine Spouse

Mattrice, guided by the motto "Living in Purpose on Purpose," is a devoted advocate for the military community with nearly 30 years as a Marine spouse. Her purpose and passion fuel her commitment to lead, encourage, inspire, and motivate others to be mission-ready for life's challenges. Mattrice, along with her husband, a United States Marine, has three young adult children, two of whom are also in the military. They've experienced seventeen Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves and are preparing for their eighteenth. 

Now as the parent of both an enlisted service member and a service academy attendee, Mattrice intimately understands the spectrum of emotions involved in sending a child into the military. This firsthand experience further fuels her commitment to supporting military families, bringing awareness, and fostering a network that addresses the unique challenges they face. Mattrice's journey as a friend, spouse, and parent intricately intertwines with her advocacy work, creating a compelling narrative of personal connection and purpose within the military community. 

Mattrice became acutely aware of the pressing issues within the military community, prompting her to take action. Inspired to connect with the trailblazers of advocacy, she intensified her efforts to address challenges within the military community. These challenges encompassed deployment strain, limited support services due to budget cuts, employment obstacles, communication difficulties, financial management, unique aspects of military life, spousal employment opportunities, mental health, and community integration. 

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, Mattrice launched the "Building Our Support System - B.O.S.S." podcast. This platform aims to empower military spouses by offering actionable advice, sharing stories of resilience, and fostering a community of understanding. Each episode covers diverse topics, including communication strategies, career development, self-care, relationships during deployments, financial management, and the unique aspects of military life. Through engaging interviews with experts and military spouses, the podcast seeks to build a united and empowered community equipped to navigate the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of military life.

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