Meg H., Air Force Spouse

Nearly nineteen years ago in the span of one month my now husband and I celebrated his commissioning, two graduations from Kansas State, our wedding, and our first move to Vance AFB for pilot training. Consequently, our introduction to the Air Force world at twenty-two was swift and often confusing. Like many military families, we have anxiously awaited news of the next assignment, struggled with career decisions, adapted to constantly changing plans, moved away from friends and family, worried about the impact of moving on our military kids, and struggled to balance work and family life.

However, despite all of the challenges, this Air Force life creates unique and amazing opportunities and lifelong friendships not found elsewhere. Looking back at our first years of marriage where stress was high and pilots look at cockpits more than partners, we realize it could have been a stumbling block for our young relationship. Fortunately, what kept us strong and positive was the amazing support system of friends and seasoned Air Force families who eased anxiety about upcoming changes, taught about Air Force life, comforted us when the Air Force threw curveballs, and celebrated achievements, opportunities, and milestones with us. 

That positive first impression of Air Force life made all the difference. Since then I’ve taken every opportunity to support military families and help foster positive first impressions of Air Force life. Although so much is out of our control as military spouses, we fully control how we support and treat each other. If it wasn’t for our positive first experiences, our family would have left years ago. Alternatively, despite the inherent challenges of military life, our family continues to serve because the people we’ve met along the way supported us and ultimately made this journey remarkable.

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