Vance Spouse Space

Vance AFB has a new and inviting, functional Spouse Space. In a small, isolated town, the spouses of Vance were having a hard time finding somewhere to work and connect. With remote work rising for military spouses, a team of spouses took on the challenge and found an innovative solution. 

Creating partnerships with the M&FRC and Vance Chapel, the team secured two rooms in the Community Chapel Activities Center. The first room is a coworking space and the second is a conference/meeting room. The team worked tirelessly over the course of 4 weeks volunteering their time, talents, and entrepreneurial skills with DIY, thrifted or donated furniture, decor and office supplies.  

In reaching out to leadership and community partners for support, the team used the Five & Thrive platform. They explained that this initiative was in support of military spouse employment and mental health. They indicated to the Vance leadership that creating empowered and resilient spouses would improve readiness and retention in their units.   

Hearing the call, leadership and community partners alike showed up to support the effort. The response was so positive, it spurred AFA National's attention and they are working on an effort to support similar projects DAF-wide through their local chapters. It takes a triad of support to make this happen - Military Spouses, Military Leaders, and Community Partners - together, we can truly make a difference! 

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